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Manufacturer of :

• Vacuum Metallizing Lacquers For Metal and Plastics
• Coloured Bulb Lacquers
• Air Craft Paints
• Epoxy Paints and Lacquers
• Polyurethane Paints and Lacquers
• Metalic Paints and Lacquers
• Quick Drying Enamel Paints and Lacquers
• Synthetic Enamel Paints
• Special Acrylic Coating for Plastics, Silver, Brass Copper Alloys
• Chemical Resistant Coatings
• Rubber Coatings
• Heat and Fire Resistant Paints
• Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint upto 500oc
• Epoxy Floor Coating Paints
• Adhesives and Sealing Compounds
• Enamel Paints
• Primers
• Thinners
• Epoxy Coatings
• Epoxy Compounds
• Anti Corrosive Paints
• Clear Coatings
• Enamels
• Floor Coatings
• Road Marking Paints



• In a day and age when the paint market in fast changing, Pearl Coating is dedicated towards meeting the
   ever    increasing demands of its customers. Thanks to its technological expertise, the company has carried a
   niche for itself in    the market.
• In business for over the years the company has masses immense experience in product innovation & customer
   service.    Naturally, Pearl Coating    has achieved a reputation worthy of a paint leader today.
• There is a reason why many of today’s leading companies are associated with Pearl Coating for their
   requirements of    vital specialty paints.
• Throughout its developments, Pearl Coating has increased its product range emphasizing its efforts on
   products that    deliver the greatest value to the customer.
• With feet firmly planted on today & with foresight into the future we invest & reinvest our sources on products
   of future.
• Today Pearl Coating product range of specialty paints offered to industry to help solve their coating problems.
   To meet    the challenges of the future, our know-how & organization are structured in an industry oriented
• We believe that how so ever small our products may be, they act as a vital bridge leaving to a great success
   for    customers in terms of their excellence in technology & business......More


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